We are Building Modern History.

K6 is a new kind of eco-friendly office that is being built under its environment’s conditions on Kaikukatu, on the shoreline in Sörnäinen. The building will be completed on the last vacant lot in the neighborhood in 2019. If the ruggedness of red bricks, innovative building services, communal living, an urban lifestyle and a creative view of the world feel like Your kind of thing – welcome amongst Your piers. These quarters are full of stories – come build Your own!

  • Reserving and Leasing Negotiations Begin
    • 2016
      • Excavation
    • 2017
      • Touching Down 12 m Under Sea Level
      • Laying the Cornerstone, Construction Begins
    • 2018
      • Returning to Ground Level
      • Reaching Top Elevation 35 m Above Sea Level
    • 2019
  • Moving In
  • Complete June 2019
  • Total Space 12000 m2
  • No. of Floors 8

Parking: approx. 130 parking places underground Restaurants: Inhouse Canteen